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Builders of Passive Homes that beautifully combine passion, performance and preference.

Kotari Constructions are accredited and certified to build homes that meet the stringent and demanding standards to achieve Passive Home status.

Passive Home Features
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Passive Homes are designed with exceptional skill and attention to meet the highest standards of performance, comfort and efficiency.

Design, materials and architecture collide to create a home environment that regulates temperature, moisture, air-quality, humidity and energy efficiency. Passive Homes are the defining standard in modern construction, bringing the latest developments to the walls of your home. The result is a home that exceeds standards, reduces maintenance & utility costs, and manages the ecological impact of the home.

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Temperature Regulation

Warming and cooling a home is a major source of energy consumption. Maintaining a comfortable temperature range cuts down on mould, condensation and heat loss/gain. This makes the home a significant factor in ongoing utility cost.

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The air-tightness of a home is related to the quality of the air within and the amount of moisture passing into the home. A Passive Home will prevent leakage of pollutants from outside and maintain its temperature, thus raising efficiency.

Comfortable and bright bedroom with queen bed.

Quality Windows & Doors

Doors and windows must be thoughtfully crafted and placed to ensure they are not weakening the seal of the home. Glazed windows and quality doors eliminate condensation while maintaining the ability to open them.

Kitchen bar stools placed under the island bench.


Ventilation systems make it possible for the home to regulate its own temperature, adjust for humidity and increase the comfort of the occupants. Mechanical ventilation over natural is an all-season solution to the Australian climate.

Kitchen with two comfortable bar stools at the island bench.

Expert Design

Passive Homes are built by builders with extensive understanding and experience of the standards, procedures and materials needed to achieve this emerging contemporary building category. Each home is designed with this in mind.

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Homes Built to Last

Each and every home Kotari Constructions builds is an expression of decades of skill and expertise. We pour every ounce of our effort and attention into creating a home that will stand the test of time and work for its owners.

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Canberra’s passive home experts, building enduring value by design.

We're thrilled to work with clients that are keen to explore how a passive home can enhance the quality of their home experience. Let us show you what is possible.

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