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Our Guarantees

We work hard to deliver an exceptional outcome for each and every one of our clients; we treat you the way we would want a builder to treat us. We value transparency, quality and honesty in the build process; this is the spirit behind our guarantees listed below.

Work directly with the builder

At Kotari Constructions, you will be working directly with the builder during the entire building process, which means your builder is the one who will be ACTUALLY building your house. Not a cheaper builder. Not a project manager. Not an apprentice. The real deal licensed builder. This allows us to provide our clients with personalised service and professional advice to provide you with ideas and solutions, as often as you need.

A fully qualified and knowledgeable team

We are super proud to advise that our team at Kotari Constructions are all FULLY LICENSED builders. We also have over 24 years of individual experience in the building industry. Having worked our way up from carpentry to a qualified licensed builder, you can be assured that we have superior knowledge of structural elements and residential construction overall, providing you with peace of mind.

Fixed Price Guarantee

In today's climate, it's especially important that you know exactly what you're up for in regards to final cost. This is why we are proud to offer you a fixed price guarantee. Once your contract and specifications are finalised, you can rest easy knowing that the price you sign up with is your final price. Unless, of course, you decide to change your specifications throughout the build.