The Kotari Experience: What It's Like to Build With Us

March 1, 2023

We take pride in what we do as more than a job but rather as a craft; we're passionate about the artisanal skill of building and the joy that a beautiful home brings to the soul. Building with Kotari is different because you're creating with us.

Kotari Constructions is the expression of a shared dream passed down in our family for over three generations.

We're owned and operated by Ante and Maggie Juric, who learned the art of construction from their parents and are now thrilled to work with their children to create stunning and comfortable homes for the Canberra region. We take pride in what we do as more than a job but rather as a craft; we're passionate about the skill of building and the joy that a beautiful home brings to the soul. Building with Kotari is different because you're creating with us. We're proud to offer an experience where you connect directly with us as your builder, knowing that our team is hands-on and looking after every moment.

At every stage of the building process, we'll work closely with you to ensure you are informed, supported and guided from start to finish. Building a new home shouldn't be stressful, so we work tirelessly to hone our processes and procedures for maximum efficiency while keeping you up to date. It's essential that you feel close to the action; this is your new home, after all. We make that possible by accommodating regular site visits within working hours to keep you involved and safe.

Your Guides Through Design and Estimation

Starting well is incredibly important to a successful build; at Kotari, we take the initial steps with meticulous attention to detail. We've been building in Canberra for decades, so we know all the right questions to ask to set you up for a win. Our initial consultations are thorough and friendly; we're eager to build great relationships with our clients and to understand their goals and dreams for their new homes. We're no-nonsense types; we'll help you get a detailed perspective on your build while helping you visualise selections, make wise decisions for your plan and maximise your budget.

We're a custom home builder, so we have all the skills to take your land and build a dream that matches your imagination. We'll help you orient your home correctly for an ideal living experience, better resale value and higher levels of efficiency. We'll discuss your best choice of materials, finishes and decorative elements. We're certified to build passive homes that push the boundaries of efficiency with high material quality standards, lower maintenance costs, and outstanding internal environment quality. So, no matter your vision, Kotari can make it a reality with decades of generational experience and a solid commitment to excellence.

We know from experience that strategic planning can make all the difference; several of our clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars due to our deep knowledge of materials and building techniques. Together, we'll create detailed drawings and visualisations of your future home, provide down-to-earth pricing and arrange the contracts to get underway.

Your Team Through The Build

You can rest easy knowing that your builder is across all aspects of the project; Ante and the team manage each build personally and are onsite daily to ensure the highest quality outcomes. We make it our mission to know all the details and ensure that our clients have all the latest information at every stage. We bring our industry experience to the table to hire the best trades and keep things running on time and within budget. We're happy to guide you through your home as it's being built, answer your questions and give you our best attention.

From the moment a slab goes down to the day we place keys in your hands, we'll work to earn your trust as a professional builder and deliver the dream you set out to achieve. We're transparent about our projects and give you access to the same tools we use to manage the site; you'll see everything we can.

We're Always Here to Help

A great home is built to last; Kotari offers quality guarantees on every build. Our warranties protect our clients by assuring them of our tried and proven build quality, thorough inspections and personal pride in a well-done job.

Whether you're at the beginning of the journey or have plans in mind, come and see the Kotari Difference. We prize every opportunity to make a dream come true; that's why we do what we do and how we are providing Canberra's best building experience.

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