Passive House at Macarthur

Passive House at Macarthur

This passive home is currently under construction and will meet Passive Home efficiency standards.


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Project Details

Frustrated with inconsistent internal temperatures, the owners of this home have chosen to build a Passive Home. Air quality inside the home was another major factor, as Passive Homes can be more comfortable for those with allergies. This home design is practical and provides the benefits that only Passive Homes can offer. On average, these homes require 90% less heating and cooling than a standard home. This home will maintain an internal average temperature of 22 degrees with minimal need for conventional temperature regulation. This means a higher level of comfort for the occupants.

This higher level of comfort comes from superior insulation throughout, tripe glazed and thermally broken window imported from Germany, R7 insulation in the ceilings, and R4 in the external walls and floor. The absence of thermal bridges along with an efficient ventilation system and air tightness ensures that the home is free from mould and condensation, providing a healthy air quality for the residents as well.

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) were used for the flooring, which reduced the need for structural floor beams which were unavailable at the time of construction due to COVID and building material shortages impacting the global economy in 2020-2022. Building wraps were utilised to ensure air tightness and weatherproofing; they have been tested to endure Australian weather conditions for up to 100 years.

This property features a raked ceiling, energy recovery ventilation system, 8.2 star energy rating and 0.6 ACH (passive house standard).

This property also features a bookshelf that is actually a hidden door!

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